23 July 2007

SONAR+BERMUDA 5700/6260kHz

Thanks of course for all people who get in contact with us during our tranmission on sunday morning on 5700 kHz and 6260 kHz. Nice to see, how conditions changed from minute to minute and to feel like a real german mobile pirate, because we had about 3 hours rain, sitting somewhere in the german woods.
After closing down, we heard also the broadcast of BORDERHUNTER RADIO on 6210 kHz with nice signal.
In the very early sunday morning (4.30 UTC) I could also listen to WMR from Scotland on 6400 kHz with fantastic SINPO 44444.
Thanks also to Dycke from Radio SONAR for this fantastic project this morning, which was successful in my opinion. Viva la german pirate radio.
DJ Dipol

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