08 March 2010

So funktioniert Radio

Endlich! Hier gibts die Erklärung. Für Alle, die dieses Video noch nicht kannten.


06 March 2010

again snow and no new broadcast

Due to new 15cm of snow here in our region we will not go outside (not as I told a few people during this week) this weekend for a broadcast of Bermudadreieck Radio. 

01 March 2010

Log + Test Bermudadreieck

Log 28.02.2010

3931  18.20  BOGUSMAN  talking about logs,Calypso,Skyline  44333

Good signal of Bogusman today with a absolutely clear frequency and good voice modulation.

Thanks also for the feedback to our test on sunday morning on 6210 kHz with a short show of Radio Bermudadreieck.