21 October 2012

Good, Better, Best..

.. activity on shortwave pirate bands this weekend! Right now listening to an unknown high power station on 6290(10:11UTC) after listened to the live-phone-in-show of TOWER RADIO on 6300kHz!
10:30 UTC:
6220 RADIO SEAGULL speaking about last weeks RRs from Scandinavia
6200 UNID playing dance mx
6310 UNID James Last mx?
10:53 UTC:
6200 RADIO BORDERHUNTER experimenteel an de band
6205 RADIO SCOTLAND c/d after interfering Borderhunter

20 October 2012

Logs, Sonnabend 20.10.2012

6300 11:45 TOWER RADIO  jingle, song On The Border 12:06  45444
15880U 13:24 SPACESHUTTLE RADIO jingle with dark voice, french mx, strong signal 43444