30 June 2006

from today comments are possible

you can edit your comments to my posts from now. also you can send your logs and information to bermuda-sw at gmx dot de, I will publish it for you.

29 June 2006

Logs 29.06.2006

6265 19.30 SONAR ID,HL,email,Jingle, 0176...,Guano Apes, Punk 34323
6275 19.45 LHH Locomotion,commercials, Merlin 22222
6298 19.40 Unid nederlands, instr., talk 32333
6309 19.00 ORION thanks to meeting org.,Gruss Dipol, Sonar 44444
6310 19.45 QUINTUS standby, Arnhem, want to QSO 34333

alle Zeiten in UTC, gehört mit Sangean ATS 909, 10m Draht an Schneegitter

Heute gab es ein sehr schönes Programm der neuen dt. Station RADIO SONAR auf 6265 kHz. Nach anfänglichen Problemen mit dem Audio bekam DJ Dycke die Technik dann doch noch unter Kontrolle und man konnte ein sehr schönes Programm mit viel Musik aus Deutschland hören. Darunter auch eine meiner Favoriten-Bands: Guano Apes. Hat Spass gemacht. Hoffe, dann demnächst mehr von der Station aus den Tiefen des Ostens.

DJ Dipol

28 June 2006

thanks for reports on wednesday eve

we had lots of phone calls and SMS during the todays evening broadcast on 6275. Nice, and thanks to everybody. Now I will answer the emails and looking forward to get the letters from the P.O. Box. Those boys is photo-QSL for sure..

Till next time on 48mtrs.
DJ Dipol

27 June 2006

back from the meeting

So, we had a very nice meeting on the border last weekend. Thanks to the organisation team behind the meeting, especially Frans. All done well, we had a great party. Lots of stations and listeners were there. Weather was fine. See us next year at the same place. DJ Dipol

19 June 2006

Summermeeting June 24 th 2006

The image “http://bermuda.onetwovisit.net/05ip_Logo.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.you can meet us next weekend on the BORDERHUNTER SUMMERMEETING 2006. There will be some information about the history about our station, a real information point of course! So come to this nice meeting on the dutch / belgium border on June 24th.

18 June 2006


..to all free radio enthusiasts.

Within the next weeks we will create this blog with information and logs from the free radio scene. This will be instead of our newsletter via email "BERMUDA DX". So you have the big chance to get involved to this blog, sending your logs and information to us. We will publish it here. More to come next time. Yours DJ Dipol

17 June 2006

ab heute testweise

Lieber Zuhörer und DXer,

ab heute gibts hier erstmal testweise unseren Blog, der über lange Sicht unseren Email-Newsletter BERMUDA DX ablösen soll. Schon jetzt freuen wir uns über eure Mitarbeit, schickt uns Logs und News aus der Szene und wir veröffentlichen das dann hier. (mit Namen oder anonym). Demnächst dann mehr, euer DJ Dipol

Herzlich Willkommen bei BERMUDA DX

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