05 July 2011

The Summermeeting and the FM-pirates in Twente

Hello again.

Just back from 3 days in the Netherlands. We did spend the one night on the Summermeeting place on the dutch/belgium border. Thanks again to the hole staff and all persons preparing this nice meeting. See you next year!

On Sunday we moved to Twente, the region in the Netherlands next to the german border to visit a few FM-pirates with our bicycles. First we went to Station Tankmeisters on 97,3 MHz from Geesteren. Thanks for the drinks and showing us the antenna place and the party tent! Nice party! Second station was Radio De Spartje on 97,0 MHz from Harbrinkhoek. Nice chat with the guys from the station. And in the evening we finished this weekend with visiting the partytent in Denekamp (official community party, with lots of action with the local pirate stations) to see e.g. the band THE FOUR TAK and some pirate radio teams playing strange polkas to finish this evening. Great!