19 July 2009

bad conditions ->>> and our next show tomorrow evening

After the bad conditions this morning we will have our next show on 48mtrs tomorrow evening, Monday, 20th July 2009, starting at around 18 UTC. There will be a new phone nr. mentioned, so please get in contact with us. DJ Dipol


Grasshopper said...

Hello DJ Dipol!

I try listen to you as I can. Maybe you can leave your new phone number? Thanks!


achim said...

Weak signal at web rx UK SINPO 23322.


Onkel said...

Hi DJ Dipol,
I listen to the 48m Band yesterday but nothing heard, a lot of QRN the last days sorry.
best greetings the Uncle

Radio Bermudadreieck said...

Thanks for the comments here to all. Specially for the recordings, also via email. Will answer all very soon. Mr.Grasshopper,please send email, i will answer you there. Uncle, you need better equipment.Hi. But conditions were of course very bad. Achim, Vielen Dank für den Mitschnitt. Regards, DJ Dipol

Anonymous said...

hello DJ Dipol,

my email is rose.viator@gmail.com