06 July 2009

back from SUMMERMEETING 2009

After being back from SUMMERMEETING 2009 on the dutch/belgium border I first have to thank all people who have organised again this nice meeting. Thanks especially to  the B. family for using its ground, for spending a lot of time to prepare and to rebuild all the things. Thanks for the people behind the bar for lekker beer and coffie and to all the others.

What did we learn from this meeting:

1.  All Dxers and operators in the english FR-scene are called "Paul"

2. Also a woman behind the mic is not impossible -->>> e.g. Lea of RADIO LEA

3.  Dont built up your tent next to the Hahn (cock)

4. Its not impossible to drink 20 beers or more a day.

Thanks, yours DJ Dipol

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi DJ Dipol,

Thanks for the compliments.
And yes,everyone can still learn things at the Borderhunter Summermeetings.

Thanks for your visit!