04 August 2008

Logs, Montag 04.08.2008

1640  21:12  RADIO TITANIC  instr.,ID,HL in sev.languages  42333
1645  21:05  RADIO BARCELONA  ID,rapport Calypso...  44444

It seems to become the evening for listening to medium wave. At 21:00 UTC there was a station on 6305 kHz on shortwave, but I didnt copy any identification.
Now I will listen to the broadcast of Radio TITANIC on 1640 kHz. Mentioned a hotline number and also email address. He is playing nice -easy listening music- and a few rock songs.
Greetings, DJ Dipol


Anonymous said...

Radio Mazda on 6305.1 here in the eastern U.S. from 2200. Caught a couple nice, clear ID's just before s/off 2220 UTC.

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, U.S.A.

Radio Bermudadreieck said...

Thanks Alex.
Greetings to West Virginia and till next time. DJ Dipol

Anonymous said...

Thankx, DJ Dipol. Hope we can hear you some times over here as well! Your friend,