29 November 2006

keine Logs auf allen Bändern + RMGP from Italy

Hallo Leute,
nichts bei mir hier zu empfangen und das auf allen Bändern. Nur im MW-Bereich oberhalb von 1620kHz sind div. Balkan-Piraten zu empfangen.

The bad weather is the reason for spending some time for the old pirate-QSL-collection. If I am right I need one more confirmation from the italian station "RADIO MISTERO GHOST PLANET". Do you have information, whether the operators are still alive or do you have connections to give them a hint for another transmission especially for me! Hi. This would be the 5th confirmation and the rules of that station were the 5 th report will be confirmed by a t-shirt of the station. So, please go on with transmissions.
DJ Dipol

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