23 August 2006

Logs 23.08. and Bermuda on 24.08. 48mtrs

Heard this evening a very nice program of ORION RADIO with John from the Netherlands. Playing very nice music and only polkas because of listeners wishes. Had very good reception till closing down around 18.30 UTC on 6290 kHz.. Only from time to time there were some utility qrm,but no as bad as the upper frequencies from 6300 kHz.
Now at 20.55 UTC there is RADIO MAZDA on 6290 kHz from NL playing music from Abba and some jingles with ID. Also good reception, but not as good as last days. SINPO: 34333

Bermudadreieck Radio will do a special program on thursday evening, 24th August, starting at around 17.00 UTC on 48mtrs. So please use contact possibilities... see below
DJ Dipol

Tel: + 49 174 / 882 14 23 (während der Programme/during

PF 101145
99801 Eisenach

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