24 July 2006

Logs 23.07.2006 and meeting

6300 19.30 UNID mystic mx, test, hallo, 1,2,3 43444
6310 20.00 UNID mx, no ID heard 21221

Zeit in UTC, gehört mit SANGEAN ATS 909, 10m Draht an Schneegitter

Think station on 6300 yesterday evening was ENJOY DE LUXE, but didnt listen to any ID. But modulation and the typical echo could be stand for it...

Went last weekend to a small pirate meeting with Andy Walker(WNKR),
Chris Ise (CWR), Mr.T.Rex (ON AIR AM). Who did listen to our joint-broadcast on 6245, please give me a email report or to the others.
Had a lot of fun with them while talking, having cold drinks and doing a program..

Maybe on Wednesday or Thursday evening you can listen again to a new show of BERMUDADREIECK on 48mtrs starting around 18.00 UTC.

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